Friday, January 16, 2015

Last Post

I have finally used up all the room on this free blog. Our new blog is:


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fingerpaint Fun

Step 1. Make sure the paint is covering your whole hand. 
Step 2. Creating masterpiece number one. 
Step 3. Now that she finished her first masterpiece it was on to a second one. 
Step 4. Smear it everywhere so Brigett gives me a bath in the sink. 


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Recipe for Happiness

Friday night after taking Tyler back to college my wonderful friend Nancy and her daughter, Aubree, came over for supper and drinks. We only live 12 miles from each other now! The Smith's also came over to join in on the fun. The women spent most of the time gabbing in the kitchen, the men in the fox hole and the kids ran around the rest of the house. 
Saturday we spent the day with Chloe and Cooper while Hollie and Jason had a date. Chloe and I made jewelry while Steve and Cooper relaxed on the couch watching Pup Patrol, amongst 30 other activities to keep these two busy kids entertained. 

Today I got my first Conscious box of goodies in the mail from the Kneifl's. It was full of nutritious goodies, supplements and health and beauty samples. What a fun and delicious surprise every month!
Today after watching Chloe cheer and lunch at Boji with Cooper and Jason we went to the Kneifl's for playtime and a delicious chili supper. Everlee kept Steve busy running, jumping, and horsey play. 

And as I sit back tonight on the couch, with my husband, in this big quiet house, I realize that I have the perfect mix of friends, family and alone time to call it a great weekend. 

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Clean up time!

I'm always trying to reinforce skills that mama and daddy are teaching Everlee. So, today when she threw all her beans on the floor during lunch I thought she could "help" sweep up her mess. She eagerly got the broom from the closet, was running and singing everywhere. She sure is a happy domestic engineer;)

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Back at it

I've enjoyed my extra time at home with Tyler over break but it sure seemed like this little one grew up a lot over the last week. 
After play doh she wanted to play the up down game. 

I adore her smiles and giggles. 

Here she is "down."

Now she is "up."

Preface: she loves to watch the video of Steve, Tyler and I  singing Happy Birthday to her on my phone.  So today we made a birthday cake/candles with play doh and I sang to her. She laughed every time. 

So for her finale of the up/ down game she stood up, blew out her candles, and yelled "YEE HAW!" A new phrase she learned with gramma coco and poppa Rudy. It was absolutely adorable!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Tag Team

The finger flashlight was so fun to play with. 
McDonalds for lunch on Saturday with gramma. 
Since it was so good we did it again for lunch on Sunday!
Chloe and Rose performing a cheer stunt routine. 
Chloe racing on mater tow truck and Cooper waving the finish line flag. They have such imaginative minds. 
With Hollie and Jason on a birthday getaway, gramma and I filled in to sit with the kids. I love being able to spend time with these two. They definitely keep you on your toes;)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Cousins Monday

I can look but can't touch those adorable red curls!

It was so fun to have Tyler with us again today to play with. Everlee and Tyler played "pool" by rolling the balls back and forth. 
Tyler also had a fun time flying Rich's helicopter. He even landed it on the blade of their ceiling fan. Another milestone a mother can be proud of;) Wonder if I'll be as proud when first semester grades come out tomorrow?!